»Many couples have difficulty getting pregnant when they want to. femSense helps with the correct timing and takes the pressure out of making babies.«

Barbara Meier
model | actress
femSense ambassador

The femSense Ovulation Test

The continuous temperature measurement possible with the sensor patch enables femSense to reliably detect your ovulation and most fertile days. The patch is worn for only a few days during your fertile window.

Temperature data transfer only takes seconds.

Suits all lifestyles.

Results displayed in the app.

No more missed measurements.

Doubles your chance of getting pregnant.

Instructional video

femSense is simple and easy to use

setz 1: get the femSense App for Android and Apple devices


Download the app

Download the app and buy your patches. Register and enter the required details in the app so that it can predict your fertile days and notify you when it is time to apply the patch.

step 2: using our three finger method to attach the patch


Apply the patch

The app will notify when to apply the patch. The patch will measure your temperature continuously, day and night, in order to measure and confirm ovulation.

step 3: read out the patch and the app will inform you about your fertile days


Confirm ovulation

The app will inform you when you are most fertile and when ovulation has been detected. You will then be asked to remove the patch. The patch is usually worn for 5 to 7 days.

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What makes femSense so special?

High precision sensors

The wafer-thin temperature sensor measures your body temperature reliably and is over 93% accurate.

Continuous Measurement

Saved temperature measures are automatically transferred to the app where they can be interpreted.

Medically Certified

femSense is a clinically tested, certified medical device.

A blonde woman holds her baby lovingly head to head.

100% Safe. No side Effects.

The patch must be read only once a day, the data transfer is radiation free and safe from third parties.

Comfortable and Easy to Use

The patch only has to be worn for a maximum of 7 days per cycle and the data transfer only takes seconds.


Whether you have irregular sleeping patterns or work night shifts - femSense adapts to your lifestyle.

Any Questions?

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App for iPhone 7 and higher
NFC Compatible Android Smartphones