5 reasons to get to know your menstrual cycle better.

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We all know the basics; every month, whether it suits or not, you get your period. Some women are very regular, know their dates exactly and can plan accordingly but for many of us it arrives unexpected and uninvited, bringing a variety of moods and symptoms over which we have no control. It appears on holidays, while traveling or on the busiest days. We consider ourselves well prepared when we have a drawer full of sanitary products!

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But how would it be if you knew your dates, took control of your cycle and the uncertainties surrounding it. If you always had your period diary with you and could see at a glance when you last had your period and when you should expect your next. Tracking your periods can be extremely useful. Your periods are not just a week in month but are actually part of a cycle, different phases of which affect your mood or your body in different ways. That’s why it is worth while getting to know your reproductive cycle a little better. Having detailed information about your cycle can not only help you plan your calendar but can also be a good indicator of your general health. Irregular periods are not usually a problem and can be a result of stress, diet or extreme exercise but they can also be a symptom of other underlying health complications. Episodes of anxiety or depression might be seen in an entirely different light when your menstrual cycle is taken into consideration; mood swings, hunger attacks and fatigue all make more sense when they fall into the category of PMS symptoms.

The femSense Cycle Tracker will help you get to know your own body better and let you manage your menstruation. Check your calendar before you make any plans. The following are just 5 good reasons to get to know your cycle better.

1. Be prepared.

When you follow your cycle for a few months you might start to recognize certain patterns. Maybe you get headaches a day or two before your period or you get cravings for ice-cream or chocolate on the first day of your period. Use your knowledge, know when to carry an asprin and don´t start a diet the week before your period!

2. Never be surprised by your period again.

For some women it´s easier than others, they are very organized and know that every 28 days, like clockwork, they get their period – although I bet, even they get caught out sometimes! For the rest of us though, our period often surprises us, even when we know it´s due. It starts on holiday, on a first date, or on the day we plan to run our first 5km. With the femSense Cycle Tracker you always have your digital period diary with you. Check it before making appointments and plans and never be surprised again!

3. Know your fertile days.

There are so many misconceptions on how and when you can get pregnant. Before ovulation? Or is it afterwards? femSense takes away these uncertainties. The app notifies you when you have your most fertile days. So, if you were planning to start a family in the near future, a quick glance at your femSense CycleTracker will tell you the best time to plan that romantic weekend.

4. Increase your body awareness.

The detailed personal information in the app not only helps you plan your everyday life and holidays better but is also a good indicator of your general health. Irregular periods can be caused by stress, diet or extreme physical exertion, or they can be a symptom of other health complications. In general, by following and recording various cycle details, you will notice connections and patterns that will help you to get to know yourself and your body better. The hormonal fluctuations during your cycle have an effect on your body and recognizing these subtle changes and their influence on your overall health can mean certain symptoms or ailments finally make sense and are easier to cope with - keyword “body awareness”.

5. Understand your moods.

The menstrual cycle is in fact a cycle whose different phases influence your body and your psyche. It is worth getting to know it better. Did you ever find yourself feeling anxious or really sad sometimes, for no apparent reason? Mood swings, cravings or fatigue suddenly make sense when it becomes clear that they might be premenstrual syndrome (PMS) symptoms. Moments of anxiety or sad days are less frightening if they are PMS symptoms and you know they will be gone tomorrow.

Download femSense here (App Store) or here (Google Play Store) to get to know your cycle better!

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