Ideas for your Baby Shower

Baby Shower

Originating in the US and Canada this tradition is now gaining popularity in Europe too. The custom on this side of the pond has always been to celebrate a baby after the birth, to welcome it and introduce it to friends, family and the community. A baby shower on the other hand celebrates the mother-to-be and the joyful anticipation of the baby´s arrival. The party is organised by a close female friend of the pregnant mum, sometimes together but often as a surprise. Activities at baby showers include gift-giving and playing baby themed games and lots of laughter. Baby showers are usually women only events but of course there are no fixed rules.


If you know the gender of the baby, then having a blue/pink or boy/girl themed party is easy to organise. If you are keeping it neutral, you might need to use a little bit more imagination. Mottos like “Moon and Stars”, “Welcome to the Jungle, baby” or “What will I bee” for fun or go for interesting colour combinations like white and gold or cream and green for elegance.

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Gender Reveal Ideas

Baby showers are now often being used as Gender Reveal opportunities too. Rather than having a Pink or a Blue themed party the colors are kept neutral and the gender of the baby will be revealed during the party. A Gender Reveal will of course need input from either the parents or their doctor. Here are just a few ideas:

  • A Piñata filled with pink or blue confetti or candy
  • A bowl of M&Ms (with or without nuts!!)
  • Selection of chains and brooches (“Blue or Pink? What do you think? – Wear your guess!”)
  • Let the guests guess before the reveal, with pink and blue necklaces.
  • A gender reveal cake


  • Belly Painting with finger colours Everybody helps paint the expectant mum´s baby belly. Be sure to take plenty of photos as keepsakes.

  • Guess the baby food The mum-to-be (or a guest) is blind folded and has to guess the flavor of the baby food she is spoon fed. Not as easy as it sounds.

  • Team Pregnancy All you need for this game is balloons. Everyone gets a balloon and divides into teams. The winners are the team who blow up all their balloons and stuff them under their shirt first! Don’t forget to video the hilarious result.

  • Baby Face Every guest should bring a photo of themselves as a baby. The photos are pinned up and everyone has to guess who´s who. The winner is the person with the most correct guesses.

  • Sleepsuit decoration Each guest helps decorates an outfit for the baby using non-toxic fabric paints. When the baby is born the mother takes a photo of the baby in the outfit and sends it to all the participants. Another personalized keepsake

  • Baby Bump The classic baby shower game; guess the size of the baby belly. Each guest cuts off a piece of string they think is long enough to fit around the mum-to-be´s belly, whoever is closest wins.

  • Animal Babies “What do you call a baby cow?” “What are baby bears known as?” A quiz where the fastest correct answer wins.

  • Due Date Game „Guess the birthday. Each guest should make a forecast for the date and time of the birth. The closest wins. You can make the game even more interesting by placing a bet, €1 for a guess with the winner taking the pot.

  • Mum or Dad Quiz This is a great game if the father is also at the party. Both parents answer questions like “who will change the first diaper” or “who will the baby look more like” and then compare their answers. Maybe a first chance to see just how hands-on the Dad plans on being ;-)

  • Fingerprint Picture All the party guests add their fingerprints to an illustration to create a picture for the nursery wall. Download here

    Fingerabdruckbild Elefant

Tipps for the perfect Baby Shower Gift

The first question to ask yourself when you are considering a present for a baby shower, is whether the gift is for the baby or the mother. A baby gift box, a wellness voucher, a “I love Dad” t-shirt or even babysitting or cleaning vouchers.
Maybe there is a gift list where the parents have picked out items they still need or even a wish list with the invitation. Just be sure the party isn’t a surprise one before you call the mum-to-be to ask for hints!