Christmas is coming and so is your baby! Here are some ideas for a pregnancy reveal - Christmas style

Happy couple with Christmas hats kissing in the snow

Can you smell it? Apple and cinnamon, mulled wine and pine needles… See the candles flickering in windows and hear bells chiming in the distance? Yes, Christmas is coming, and it really is a magical time of year. Families are gathering around fires and Christmas trees to catch up and share the Christmas spirit. It´s not surprising that many couples use this opportunity to announce a pregnancy, what could be more joyful than the news that a new member of the family is on the way.

Whether you want to surprise your partner first or your whole family while they are all together, we have compiled a few suggestions to help you make your surprise the Christmas gift they will remember!

1. Send homemade Christmas cards

This is a great way of sending your announcement to a large group of people at the same time. Embrace your creativeness. Organise a photoshoot with the two of you and your first ultrasound picture or a sign with a message, for example: “baby **** coming in 20..” or “our family is growing, Merry Christmas from the 3 of us”. Take a photo of the expected birthdate written in the snow or decorate the ultrasound photo with tinsel and lights. There are no limits to your imagination. The cards can be professionally printed or even printed at home, you can send them as cards in an envelope, as post cards or as a digital card via email or social media.

2. Gift wrap baby booties

Presenting someone with gift wrapped baby shoes, a pacifier or a baby grow is probably the most unambiguous way to reveal your pregnancy. What a lovely gift to place under the tree, the perfect surprise for your partner or other family members. It can be addressed to one person but everyone else in the room is included in the joy and excitement.

3. Hang a stocking on the mantelpiece

The tradition of leaving out a stocking for Santa to fill is familiar, the children in the house leave out a stocking before going to bed, Santa comes during the night and fills the stocking with gifts. How about hanging up a “mini” baby stocking this year or an extra-large one (big enough for a baby) with the expected date of birth printed on the front. What a delightful surprise to wake up to on Christmas morning and it would make an adorable photo for a Christmas card. Alternatively, you could add a pacifier or baby socks to the gifts in a stocking – what an amazing surprise.

4. Design your own Christmas Jumper

The Christmas jumper is a trend that is here to stay! Woolly jumpers with Santas, Rudolphs, Elves, lights, bells and sequins – everything that screams Christmas. What a great platform for a pregnancy reveal. You can buy ready-made Christmas jumpers in maternity departments or go the whole hog and design one yourself. You will need a jumper, fabric paint, a sewing kit and a lot of imagination. “Oh Deer, I´m Pregnant”, “Tis the season to be pregnant”, “It´s not just pudding in here” or “Merry Christmas – also I´m pregnant!” are just a few ideas for your, not so subtle, message. True, it is a lot of work and might be a bit messy but the video of their faces when the penny drops will make it worth the extra effort.

5. Hide your surprise on the tree

While we are on the subject of handcrafts: this is another great idea you can make yourself. Glass or acrylic baubles for the Christmas tree are easy to decorate, all you need is suitable markers that can write on glass or acrylic, glitter or other decoration materials and ribbon. If you already have children then this the ideal way include them in the big reveal. Be sure to make your message very clear, “Dad”, “Grandma and Grandad”, a baby footprint or a pacifier. Hang the bauble on the tree and wait for someone to find it.

If Christmas is still too early to announce your exciting news don´t worry, we have lots of other great ideas for a pregnancy reveal that you can you use at any time of the year.

Atmospheric, Christmassy photo with femSense packaging back, a fir branch in the background and a Merry Xmas Christmas tree ball in the foreground