Enjoy silent nights while you still can!


Thanks to the femSense Get Pregnant mode, for many couples this Christmas may well be the last calm and peaceful holiday for a long time. Next year will be a Christmas of diaper changing, midnight feeds and, of course, Santa Claus. New family traditions will be established and enjoyed, and the first precious memories made. As well as the joy and the true meaning of Christmas, next year will be packed with worries and dangers you never even dreamed about. Curious little fingers reaching for Christmas tree ornaments and lights - and who ever thought candles and open fires were a good idea in a home?! But the wonder and joy reflected in those shining eyes will sooth each anxiety and dilemma. We here at femSense have come up with a few ideas for togetherness and relaxation to help you make the most of this last Christmas as a family of two. Luxuriate in the peace and quiet before the patter of little feet, and wails in the the night.

1. Sleep!

One of the biggest clichés about having children actually isn’t a cliché at all - research shows that new parents miss about 44 days of sleep in the first year. Even if it is not scientifically possible to “accumulate sleep”, you can certainly celebrate this last Christmas season with a well-rested body and mind, sleep in and take naps, have a glorious extra portion of sleep, and all with a totally clear conscience!

2. Light some candles!

Candles are just as much a part of Christmas as the tree and the lights, but as soon as a baby is on the scene candles and open flames become less romantic and more of a risk factor – especially if the baby is already on the move and sees the candle as something to be further explored. So, this year enjoy your candles, lay a rug in front of the open fire and play cheesy Christmas tunes. Romance is in the air, and if you are lucky maybe femSense will predict your perfect fertile days too!

3. Enjoy a weekend away!

A couple of nights in a spa hotel or a city break might be difficult next winter with your little bundle of joy. Advent is a lovely time to take in a Christmas market, visit a winter wonderland or relax in the luxury of a spa. Keep in mind that sperm production is adversely affected by the very high temperatures in a sauna or steam room. It takes 5 days for the production to return to normal so keep an eye on your femSense app and give the sauna a miss before your fertile window.

4. Savour the silence!

The silence from silent night is only a dream for new parents. Make the most of the peace and quiet while you can, take a deep breath and savour the silence. You could try meditation or mindfulness together, visits to art galleries and museums, or have a coffee in a book shop. Visit anywhere you won´t be welcome next year with a teething toddler in tow.

5. Christmas as a couple!

Up until now Christmas may always have been family time, some years with your family, others with your partner´s family. Travelling from one home to another trying to fit everyone in. If you plan to continue these visits in the future it is a lovely Christmas tradition, but perhaps it is time to start your own family traditions. With a baby planed in your near future this could be the perfect time to make the change. Start with your first Christmas as a couple, create your own traditions, your favourite foods and films. You could even have a practice run for Santa Claus.

6. Go back to basics!

Forget the pre-Christmas madness, the search for the perfect present, the decorations, the five-course-meals, the pressure of perfection. Christmas can be seriously stressful…and how are you supposed to cope when you have to adapt to a baby´s sleeping habits! Why not start making Christmas less nerve-racking now. Give less expensive but more meaningful gifts. Home-made Christmas cookies or chocolates, chutneys or jams, gather pine to make a wreath or mistletoe to hang above the door. Don´t prepare too much food and end up throwing out what´s left over – you don´t have to do brussels sprouts if no one really likes them. What´s important at Christmas is peace and love not presents and five different dishes. Make a conscious decision to destress, ask for help where you can, question whether certain things are absolutely necessary, Christmas will still happen and you might actually have time to enjoy it.