News: femSense is now also available for Android!

Young woman and smartphone – there are two screens which show the femSense Cycle Tracker and one Kinderwunsch-Screen saying Today is a perfect day to get pregnant

The Austrian company SteadySense has developed a unique method of identifying a woman´s most fertile days. At the heart of the new product is an intelligent temperature measurement sensor embedded in an adhesive patch that, in combination with the femSense app, enables women to get pregnant much quicker. The femSense Ovulation Test Patch is a discreet patch made of biocompatible materials.

“Our patch is affixed under the arm and worn during the menstrual cycle for a period of five to seven days. The patch measures the body temperature continuously (up to 1000 times a day) and stores the data until it is read, via NFC, by a smartphone. The femSense app processes the data and displays the most fertile days in the app”, explains CEO Werner Koele.

Dr. Michael Schenk, specialist in Gynecology and Obstetrics, has accompanied the product development of femSense Kinderwunsch since the very beginning: “During the day the temperature of the human body varies but remains more constant while sleeping. During ovulation, the body temperature rises by 0.2 ° C to 0.5 ° C. This is the so-called basal temperature jump. While conventional methods measure only the warm-up temperature, femSense Kinderwunsch measures and compares temperature curves over several days, reliably detecting ovulation. “

From Cycle tracker to Pregnancy

The specially developed Cycle Tracker app is designed to help women better understand their bodies by combining calendar functions (e.g. fertile days, menstruation), the documentation of moods and symptoms and the visualization of statistics. The cycle tracker can be used independently of the femSense Patch as a first step on the way to planning a family.

Requirements for using the Android app

Every Android smartphone with the operating system 6.0 or higher (a.k.a. “Marshmallow”) can download the app free of charge from the Google Play Store. It can be used independently as a cycle tracker or in combination with femSense Ovulation Detection patches, which can be ordered in the app!

Android Smartphones and NFC

While with iOS all devices come from a single manufacturer and therefore function similarly, Android phones are structured differently depending on the manufacturer and device. For example, the NFC antenee, which have to be held to the patch to start and read the femSense patch, are installed at different locations in the smartphones. If you have a Samsung click here for more information. If you have a HTC first choose your smartphone model, then click on Connectivity -> Wireless Sharing -> Using NFC. For Sony models choose your model then click on User Guide -> Connectivity -> NFC. For Huawei, Google: Nexus and Pixel and LG just follow our links.

Activating the femSense patches is actually easier with Android than with iOS. You will find more information about starting the patch in the Instructions for Use (p. 13).

On the whole, however, the femSense Android app looks reassuringly similar to the iOS app. Of course, certain design and navigation elements have been adapted to the habits of Android users, but anyone who has ever tried the femSense iOS app will also feel at home on Android.

We look forward to seeing you soon in the Google Play Store and please don´t forget to rate the femSense app.