You want to get pregnant ASAP? Then don´t make these 7 common mistakes!

Young woman smiling at prgnancy test

Being pregnant is an exciting, happy and physically demanding time. Growing a little person inside you is like a little bit of magic. In order to embrace and enjoy this experience as soon as possible you should get to know your own body a little bit better and clear up some basic misunderstandings and common mistakes.

Error 1: You might not know your own menstrual cycle well enough.

3 screens from cycle tracker, in the background a woman is holding a smartphone

A woman´s cycle is a complex interaction of hormones and metabolic processes. And although almost every woman has a cycle, very few really fully understand how it works. When exactly do you ovulate? Can you get pregnant at any stage during your cycle? The most romantic baby making plans are of no use if you don´t even know when your fertile window is! That is why you should start tracking your cycle as soon as you make the decision to start a family.

A simple cycle tracker, a form of digital period calendar, can give you a rough idea of where you are in your cycle, however if you are planning a pregnancy, and want to determine exactly when your most fertile days are, you will need to monitor your cycle more closely. The femSense sensor patch for example continuously measures your temperature over several days in order to let you know the optimal time to get pregnant.

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Error 2: You have sex too often to get pregnant.

Sometimes you hear that the more often you have sex, the higher the hit rate. Other times you hear that couples who want to get pregnant should have sex every second day. So, which is true? When and how often should I have sex when I want to get pregnant?

It doesn´t seem to make sense when you are trying to get pregnant but sometimes less really is more. In general, regular intercourse improves sperm quality. The longer developed sperm remains “unused” the more likely it is to get tired or deficient. Very frequent sex however reduces the number of sperm. The man simply can´t keep up with the production. Therefore, it is absolutely okay to take a break for a day and aim for the best quality on your most fertile day. Plan ahead, track your cycle and make sure your intercourse is not only romantic but also fruitful. ;-)

Error 3: Unhealthy Living

A sporty young woman doing yoga

We have some good news and some bad news. The bad news first: if you want to get pregnant more quickly you will have to abstain from a few things. Eating healthily is of course hugely important in everyday life but it becomes even more important when you are planning a pregnancy. Junk food, alcohol, smoking, too much caffeine, too little sleep, not enough exercise…no more excuses, all of these can affect your fertility. The same applies to your partner by the way, you are in this baby making project together.

The good news is the consolation prize – your health! Healthy living not only helps you to get pregnant sooner but you are doing something for yourself and for your future family. After all, nothing is more important than your health!

Error 4: You are using the wrong lubricant.

A lubricant is designed to promote pleasure during sex but did you know that it can sometimes hinder pregnancy? This is because many lubricants have slightly acidic pH levels and although this might be good for your vaginal flora, it can restrict the mobility of sperm. That’s why you should either do without it while trying to get pregnant or use brands with optimized pH levels, they create a “sperm-friendly” environment and may even help you to become pregnant.

Error 5: Don´t believe everything you read on the internet!

A pregnant woman caressing her stomach

Do a headstand after sex, determine the gender of the baby by having sex at a certain time, take particular herbs…the internet is full of advice and some of it is really bad. These old wives tales on how to get pregnant are fun but definitely not to be taken seriously!

Of course, you can try them out but don´t expect miracles. The best advice is to have solid knowledge about your cycle and a healthy lifestyle.

Error 6: You use ovulation prediction kits incorrectly.

Ovulation prediction kits are very convenient. Similar to pregnancy tests, they measure the hormone levels in your urine, the stronger the “line” on the test, the more fertile you are.

But be careful! Don’t wait too long for the line on the ovulation test to be strong enough or you might just miss that window of opportunity. Practice makes perfect, so give yourself plenty of time to get to grips with the tests and use them in addition to tracking your cycle - or better still, use femSense patches and let us do the work for you!

Error 7: You don´t visit your doctor regularly.

A woman visiting her gynacologist

A visit to the doctor does not automatically make you more fertile but it is relatively easy for your gynaecologist to detect conditions or problems that can make getting pregnant and sustaining a pregnancy more difficult. For example, adhesions, fibroids, hormonal disorders etc. Your doctor can advise you or refer you to a specialist for further treatment. So: Make regular appointments with your gynaecologist, if only for a yearly preventative screening.

As you can see, most of these misunderstandings and mistakes are relatively easy to avoid and resolve. Every pregnancy is individual and in-spite of all our biological knowledge or preparation, every pregnancy is a little bit of magic. Use the help femSense can offer and the best of luck!