Postponed, not cancelled: Your plans for having a baby

Pregnant belly and writing saying not cancelled - but postponed

That the Corona virus is making women possibly think twice about getting pregnant right now is of course understandable. The worry about going to a doctor or hospital for scans and health checks, which are an important part of monitoring a pregnancy, is reasonable. There is a lot of uncertainty about how the virus can affect pregnant women and they are therefore being advised to protect themselves by isolating. Planning a pregnancy is, at the best of times, a big decision but in the present climate there are even more factors to take into consideration. Whatever you decide, remember the world is still turning and the future is still bright – and babies will still be born.

If you decide to wait, then your plans for having a baby are postponed not cancelled. And let’s be honest here, if you are still in love after 5 weeks together in lockdown then your relationship at least is rock solid! Why not use this time the universe has forced upon us to work on your fertility, prepare your body and mind for a future pregnancy. Consider this time a preparation phase.

rainbow with written words: the brightest rainbows follow the darkest storms

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Prepare Physically:

Being physically healthy will benefit you before during and after a pregnancy. You are setting the foundations for a regular cycle, a smooth pregnancy and a shorter recovery phase afterwards. Getting some exercise every day is also possible during lockdown, whether it be within your own four walls or getting out for a brisk walk. Have a look at our Social distancing – how to use your extra time (re)productively blog for inspiration.

Take a look at your nutrition. Eating healthily is important in everyday life but it becomes even more important when you are planning a pregnancy. Certain nutrients can have a positive effect on your fertility - and that of your partner! Our Nutrition while trying to conceive – what to watch out for blog is full of tips on what food you should be eating when planning a pregnancy.

Prepare Mentally:

Now is a great time to sit down and read up on your menstrual cycle and reproductive system. Get to know your body, how it works and the influence your hormones have on your body during the whole cycle. Find out how you can harness this knowledge to help you get pregnant quicker. Find out what happens at ovulation and why knowing exactly when you ovulate makes it so much easier to get pregnant.