We are pregnant! 6 great ways to tell your man he´s going to be a Dad.

Red haired young woman beaming with joy holding a positive pregnancy test right into the camera

The pregnancy test is finally positive! You are bursting to share your brilliant news and the first person you want to tell is of course the baby´s father. It´s a lifechanging event, one he will remember for the rest of his life and it´s a story which will be retold again and again, so take a minute to plan and make it really special.

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For many women the moment they see that second stripe slowly appearing on a pregnancy test and they realise the test is positive, is one of the most memorable moments of their lives. Excitement, nervousness, anticipation, exhilaration – it’s a tidal wave of emotions that washes over you. Your instinctive reaction is to run to the baby´s father waving the test in the air and thrust it under his nose – woohoo, we did it! But stop! Slow down! What an opportunity to create your first “family story”. We have put together a few fun ideas you can use to surprise your man with your great news. Read on for the femSense Pregnancy Reveal tips.

1. The Classic

Nothing is cuter than teeny tiny baby feet. Stand back and watch the penny drop when you present him with a pair of itty-bitty baby shoes. Pack them in a small gift box so that the suspension grows as he slowly unwraps his present. Why not add the pregnancy test too, to ensure the message is absolutely unmistakable. Watch his eyes light up as he holds tangible proof of the pregnancy he can´t yet see or feel.

In background baby shoes, alarm clock and calender, in foreground femSense packet and smartphone screen showing the “congratulations”-Screen of the femSense App

2. The Subtle Hint – a bun in the oven.

This one is of course the obvious choice for the hobby bakers among you. Make sure that the kitchen smells divine, with the sweet smells of baking wafting through the room. When your partner walks in and asks what smells so good? Smile sweetly and tell him “that´ll be me, I have a bun in the oven!”

Fortune cookie with text saying – you’re going to be a dad

3. Hide the pregnancy test where he is sure to find it.

Does he have milk with his coffee or tea? Does he have a cold glass of juice in the morning or a beer after work? Why not hide your positive test in the fridge where he is sure to find it? Right there between the milk and the juice. Or, how about beside his shaving equipment in the bathroom, or even between your toothbrushes. Be sure to be somewhere close so you can watch his expression change as the good news dawns on him.

4. The message in a mug.

Start his day with a bang. Whether he is an early riser of a slow starter he will surely be delighted to be woken with a cup of his favourite brew. Buy a “Best Dad” mug or even make your own. Using porcelain suitable paint or ink write your message on the bottom of his mug, you could even ask him to drink up so you can read his fortune from the tea leaves/coffee grounds – “I see a baby in your near future…”!

5. The Treasure Hunt.

A treasure hunt involves a little more imagination and a lot more planning. You can have the hunt through a house or apartment or through a park or garden, just make sure the clues are easily found and easy to solve, you don’t want frustration dampening the joy. The clues can be the classic A leads to B leads to C and the “treasure” at the end is the positive pregnancy test, an ultrasound picture, a pair of baby shoes… and the joy on his face.

Feminine hands holding ultrasound picture

6. When it’s a sibling baby.

The last tip is for those of you who are lucky enough to already have children and are expecting again. When the first child is still very young it can be an integral part of your reveal to your partner. A big brother or big sister t-shirt, an every-super-hero needs a side kick message, a new bedtime storybook “how to be the best big brother or big sister… When the sibling child is a bit older it might be a good idea to make them feel special by creating a reveal just for them – a big brother or big sister t-shirt and be sure to make them central to pregnancy announcements for the rest of your family and friends.

And after the Reveal?

Comes the next reveal! Now it´s time to share your special news with family and friends. Whether it´s knitting needles and a pipe for the future grandparents, a picture frame with an ultrasound photo, t-shirts or mugs or a funny photo, make the announcement to your family and friends memorable – they are often almost as excited as you are.