Thanks to femSense I finally had a positive pregnancy test.

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That getting pregnant can sometimes take longer than you expected is not unusual – there is no “normal”. At femSense we get to hear a lot of the individual stories that women don’t necessarily share with their friends and families but want to share with other women trying to get pregnant, because one woman’s story can give another woman hope. Here, in our exclusive blog interview, Melanie tells us her story.

Hi Melanie, first of all congratulations! Brilliant news. Thank you for getting in touch and for being willing to tell your very personal story.

Thank you. I still have to pinch myself sometimes that is real. I am really very happy. I wouldn’t usually talk about something so personal but having been in touch with you guys at femSense so often, via social media and the support team, I almost feel I know you! You were so helpful that I really want to tell other women that femSense really works.

Maybe you’d start by telling us a little bit about yourself?

My name is Melanie, I am 34 and live with my boyfriend just outside Liverpool. I am a nurse and my boyfriend a policeman. We both work shifts which we knew might make getting pregnant a bit more complicated than normal.

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Had you been planning a family for a while?

I wouldn’t say we had been planning it for long. We both just kind of knew we wanted to start a family eventually. Then when 2 couples we are good friends with announced their pregnancies last year, we realized it was time.

How long did it take you to get pregnant?

It took 7 months. I know that might not sound very long but to me felt like forever. To begin with we just decided to “make a baby”. I have a fairly regular cycle and decided to monitor my ovulation using the temperature method and cervix slime observation. I am a nurse so I thought that would be easy. It wasn’t!! With both of us working shifts timing became really important but I soon realized that working shifts also made the temperature method practically impossible for me. I rarely get up at the same time twice a week never mind every day and charting was so time consuming. What should have been romantic was becoming stressful. I was really down.

How did femSense help?

After 4 months I finally found femSense – thank goodness! I was doing some internet research on ovulation tests and came across femSense. The fact that femSense measures continuously, and basically does all the hard work of charting and analyzing for you, made it interesting and when I read that it is suitable for people with irregular sleeping patterns, the decision was made. I ordered a packet of 6 and got pregnant with the third patch. I had contacted femSense on Instagram with a few questions which were answered immediately and when I had a WIFI problem I contacted the support desk and they were really helpful too. I really felt that the whole team were behind me. The personal message on Instagram when I posted the photo of my positive pregnancy test confirmed to me that femSense was there to support me. Thank you. I will be giving my remaining patches to my friend as part of her birthday present, with a bit of luck we will be pregnant together.

Thank you for your positive feedback Melanie, we are genuinely delighted to hear about femSense babies. I was going to ask if you would recommend femSense to a friend, but I guess you just answered that.

Ha ha, yes, my friend will be getting my leftover patches next week.

Have you any advice you would share with other women who are ready to get pregnant?

Yes! Don’t waste months like I did. Order your femSense patches now and save yourself the hassle and stress of trying to figure out the best day to get pregnant. It doesn’t have to be difficult.

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If you got pregnant using femSense then we want to hear from you too. Answer our success stories questionnaire and as a small thank you we will send you one of our exclusive femSense baby bodys. We will of course print your story under a pseudonym to protect your privacy.