Spring Fever – are we more fertile in spring?

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Spring has sprung! We survived the winter and can finally feel some warmth in the sun. The air is practically fizzing with anticipation and energy. Our cravings are changing from the comfort of carbohydrates, to the summer salads that cleanse and invigorate us. Spring is in the air and with it come all the signs of rebirth and hope. Lambs are gamboling in the fields; spring flowers are adding color to the landscape and the migrating birds are returning for the summer. It is no wonder that so many cultures associate springtime with fertility. Nature is getting frisky, and we are too!

The goddesses of fertility and nature

Spring has always been celebrated as a time of fertility, rebirth, and growth, with some of today´s celebrations, such as Easter and May Day, based on ancient pagan traditions (Eostre and Beltane). All ancient cultures have symbols and goddesses representing and honoring fertility and nature. Interestingly the gods that represent fertility are usually female, Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of fertility and mother of Eros the god of Love. Venus the Roman goddess of love, sex, beauty and fertility. The Celtic goddesses, Maeve, warrior queen and the sexual goddess of Irish mythology and Brigid, the Celtic goddess of fertility and motherhood and Parvati, the Hindu goddess of fertility and love. These goddesses confirm the importance of women in the circle of life throughout history and cultures.

How spring can boost your mood

The increased daylight in spring raises the levels of serotonin in the body, a chemical sometimes called the happy chemical, it contributes to wellbeing and happiness. We don´t just feel more positive we experience a real surge in energy because of the increase in sunlight. This sunlight and an increase in temperature is shown to affect the reproduction rates in animals.

Are there really more babies made in spring time?

But is there any truth in claim that we are more fertile in Spring or is it just another myth? Unfortunately there is no conclusive evidence of this – although we might feel flirty at this time of year it has not been scientifically proven that we are in fact more fertile in spring. While sunlight and temperature have been shown to affect reproduction rates in animals, human reproduction rises and falls throughout the year and is less influenced by seasons. It could be that our ancestor’s fertility was more influenced by seasons but the industrialization of modern times, with artificial light and heating has changed this. Spikes in birth rates nowadays are more likely to be influenced by holidays and cultural events during the year.

femSense tells you WHEN

Disappointed? Don’t be! Whether we actually are more fertile of not doesn’t really matter. If you are feeling frisky, then just embrace your inner fertility goddess this spring! Have a look at our How to boost your sex drive blog for some tips on spicing up your sex life. And don’t forget, you can always use your femSense patches and app to tell you when you are fertile – all year round!




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