femSense Get Pregnant – Why it will work for you.

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Once you have made the decision to have a baby it just can´t happen quickly enough. Unfortunately, however, the figures show that one third of couples have difficulty getting pregnant when they want to. The reasons are not always health related but are often also due to a lack of understanding about the female menstrual cycle and when a woman is most fertile – a woman´s fertile window is shorter than most people realise.

femSense was developed to help these couples. The combination of the femSense patch, with its´ integrated temperature sensor, and the smartphone app, is particularly suitable for women who want a simple, easy to use but accurate system to determine the best time to get pregnant. And this is just one of many advantages of the femSense system. We have put together a list of the 7 best reasons for using femSense. Short and sweet, but with all the most relevant information you might need!

1. You don´t have to take your temperature – femSense does that for you.

femSense is based on the well-known temperature method, which has been used by generations of women to figure out the best time to get pregnant. During ovulation the body temperature rises minutely and does not drop again until your menstruation begins (unless you get pregnant in this cycle).

Until now using the temperature method involved setting an alarm to wake at the same time every day to take your temperature before you got up, these temperature measurements were recorded and charted to detect the miniscule rise in temperature at ovulation. Thanks to femSense the temperature method has entered the 21st century. The femSense patch will measure and record your temperature while you sleep; how long you sleep and how often you wake are irrelevant because the femSense system compares the temperature curves from several days rather than single temperature measurements. In this way the patch can identify the 0.2 to 0.5 degree rise in temperature which indicates ovulation. The femSense app will predict your fertile window and then confirm ovulation so that you can make sure not to miss your most fertile days. All you have to do is apply the patch, read it twice a day during the 5 to 7 days you are wearing it and follow the instructions from the app. The app will guide you every step of the way and will get to know your cycle better with each month it is used.

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2. femSense measures your temperature much more precisely than a thermometer.

The femSense system is based on an intelligent algorithm and a very precise temperature sensor embedded in the femSense patch. The algorithm predicts your fertile days and then interprets the temperature readings, from the highly sensitive and finely calibrated temperature sensor in the patch, to confirm ovulation. The sensor measures with an accuracy of within 0.1°C degrees and is therefore more accurate than any analogue or digital thermometer. Since the patch is also always worn in the same position, and the readings are always taken from the same place, there are no deviations during the cycle.

3. femSense is discreet and comfortable.

The wafer-thin patch, made of skin friendly material, is worn under the arm for 5 to 7 days during your most fertile period. The patch is designed to withstand normal daily activities including showering and light sport, it does not interfere with movement and, although slight wear and wrinkling can be expected, the patch remains sticky till the day it is removed.

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4. femSense is straightforward and easy to use.

The combination of temperature measurement and the statistical recording and analysis in the app, give you an optimal overall understanding of your cycle. You know exactly when your fertile days begin and when ovulation takes place and you can supplement this information with your own personal observations. And it really is that simple – when you know exactly when you ovulate it´s much easier to plan a pregnancy. femSense spares you the hard work involved in the traditional temperature method, the time-consuming charting and interpretation of other methods the hassle of peeing on sticks and the invasiveness of some ovulation test gimmicks. For an average of about €26 per cycle or less than €1 per day you get a reliable, accurate system that gives you all the information you need to optimise your chances of getting pregnant.

5. femSense can be used to compliment and reinforce your medical fertility treatment.

femSense was developed with renowned gynaecologists and fertility experts who recognised the need for a reliable system for women to use as a step before they consult a doctor about fertility issues, or as a support for fertility treatment. For a woman who has been trying for several months to get pregnant without success, femSense is a hormone free alternative to ovulation inducing medication, which is often the first step offered by a doctor. Tracking your cycle for 3 to 6 months with femSense will give you the knowledge about if and when you ovulate. If you are still not pregnant, then this is useful information to bring to a doctor. femSense is not intended to replace a doctor but as a system to be used before, and complimentary to, treatment.

6. Your data is safe and protected.

Data protection and the privacy of your personal information is hugely important to femSense. Not only does femSense not sell data to a third party we also protect your personal data while you are reading your patch. The femSense app and patch communicate using NFC technology, this is the same technology used in “tap and go” payments. The reason this is important is because NFC communication only works between two devices at very close proximity, meaning that third parties cannot read your patch or even find a signal indicating that it is there. Unlike other products which use Bluetooth and are permanently sending signals and radiation, NFC only sends data when you activate it.

7. femSense is made in Austria and medically certified.

femSense is an Austrian made product which was developed by local experts in the fields of biomedical engineering and gynaecology. Our system is a Class I medical device with CE marking which guarantees you the highest level of safety and reliability. We understand how important this stage of a woman´s life is, we want to help make this time easier to manage and offer the best user experience while doing so.

Have we convinced you? That´s good news! Then why not stop by our online shop right now – and begin your journey towards motherhood with femSense.

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