Tell us a little bit about yourself.
Hello, I’m Katja. I am 29 almost 30 years old, my husband and I have been together since February last year and we got married in February this year.

What was it like for you when you decided you wanted to have a baby?
We had both decided that we wanted to have children. We discussed it last year in October and quickly decided I would stop taking the pill.

Why did you choose femSense Ovulation Detection?
As I knew nothing at all about my cycle I did some research on the options available to me. I decided quickly that femSense was right for me.

How long did you use femSense before getting pregnant and how easy did you find it to use?
Using femSense was easy and comfortable. I only used one patch.

Did you know about your cycle beforehand and how important timing is when trying to get pregnant?
I knew that the menstrual cycle was important but because my cycle can be quite irregular, I ordered femSense.

How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant?
We actually knew before having it officially confirmed. We were very excited. Even though we hadn’t planned it so early, but you can rarely plan babies exactly. We are really happy. And when we saw it at the gynecologist’s we were even more excited.

From your personal experience, what advice would you give other couples trying to get pregnant?
It is essential to know your cycle. Don’t let your wish to get pregnant take over because this has a negative impact on your chances of getting pregnant.