Tell us a little bit about yourself.
I am Claudia, I am 36 years old and I have been with my boyfriend for almost five years. I am sporty and like to be outside in the fresh air with my two dogs. Walks in the forest are the best form of relaxation for me! I am a bundle of energy and need to be constantly active to tire myself out.

What was it like for you when you decided you wanted to have a baby?
We were enthusiastic and positive. We never considered that it might not be easy. In the first year you don’t give it much thought if it’s taking longer than you expected but then the question start – What’s wrong? Why isn’t it happening for us?

Why did you choose femSense Ovulation Detection?
I have endometriosis and one fallopian tube which doesn’t work properly but, even after 4 unsuccessful rounds of ivf, I never gave up the hope that we would get pregnant naturally. When a friend of mine recommended femSense I decided to give it a try. Not only do I not ovulate regularly, I don’t feel it either. femSense was perfect for me.

How long did you use femSense before getting pregnant and how easy did you find it to use?
I used 3 patches but took one month off in between. The system is really simple and easy to use.

Did you know about your cycle beforehand and how important timing is when trying to get pregnant?
When you are actively trying to get pregnant you join forums and gather information. I had never thought much about it in the past. The right timing is of course essential – otherwise it doesn’t work ;-)

How did you feel when you found out you were pregnant?
Indescribable! Overjoyed!

From your personal experience, what advice would you give other couples trying to get pregnant?
Never give up hope and don’t believe everything the doctors tell you. Several gynecologists recommended artificial insemination for us, they said we would never get pregnant naturally. And lo and behold, our 5% chance was enough.