An illustration showing the four steps of the femSense recycling concept. Collect patches, download discount, return used patches, receive a discount code.

The sensor encased in the femSense patch uses a battery as an energy source, it must not be disposed of with regular household waste but should be disposed of in accordance with the relevant local regulations.

Because SteadySense is aware of it´s responsibility to respect, protect and preserve the environment where possible, we also offer the facility to return used patches to us for recycling. As a reward for recycling we offer a discount to the value of one free patch at your next purchase.

1. Collect at least 6 patches for recycling.

As soon as you have collected 6 used patches you can take part in our recycling scheme and receive a Discount Code to the value of one new patch.

2. Download and print return form

Download Recyclingcoupon and Return Label

3. Return the patches to SteadySense by post.

Put the used patches and the Return form in an envelope and post them to SteadySense. Postage is to be paid by the sender.

4. Discount Code

Your Discount Code will be sent to your email address. Please use the discount code for your next purchase.

5. Using the Discount Code

The discount code can be used for your next purchase in the Webshop. The discount means that when you buy one packet of three femSense patches you pay for 2 patches and the third one is free.