How does femSense rate in comparison to other ovulation tests?

You have made the decision to get pregnant and now want it to happen as quickly as possible. You know the best way to do that is to find out when you ovulate and are most fertile and therefore most likely to conceive – but there are so many different products on the market and choosing the right one for you is difficult. There is not only a range of different products and brands but there are also different methods of determining ovulation. There are ovulation tests which detect hormones in your urine which indicate that the ovulation process has started, there are others which measure ovulation using the temperature method and there are apps which track your cycle and predict your fertile window. What also needs to be taken into consideration is the handling – how long do you have to use it, how often, how easy is it to use, how much of my time does it take up and how reliable or even hygienic is it? So many questions! We have compared some of the most popular methods of ovulation detection to show you how they work and to make your decision easier.

Whether getting pregnant is taking longer than you expected or you are just at the beginning of your journey towards motherhood - femSense can guide you every step of the way. Beginning with tracking your cycle to get to know your menstrual cycle better then, when you are ready, predicting, measuring and confirming your ovulation before starting a countdown to the first pregnancy test. femSense is reliable, accurate and easy to use. There is no peeing on sticks and no lengthy and complicated interpretation of temperature graphs – femSense does all that work for you. If you are still not convinced then why not start with the new single patch test packet, you will soon see how straightforward the system is and who knows - maybe you will be lucky and get pregnant first time!