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Cycle tracking with femSense - hormone-free and uncomplicated

The femSense app is a real all-rounder. You can record your cycle, determine your fertility, calculate your period and recognise individual patterns - all in one compact app!

"Do you always have wind before your period?" - Would you know the answer to that question? If not, now would be the ideal time to start tracking your cycle more closely. This can help you to get to know your body better and recognise symptoms that show you which phase of your cycle you're in and whether you're currently fertile. You will also no longer be surprised by your period or symptoms that always occur in the same cycle phase. Bonus: You will always know whether you are currently in a highly fertile or infertile phase!

Our cycle app at a glance

In the development of our femSense App it was particularly important to us that it remains clear and easy to use. That's why we've customised the various functions of the Cyclustrackers logically organised and you can easily use what is important to you. We also asked ourselves what we were missing from all the other cycle apps. In response to this, we have developed, among other things, a statistic in which individual correlations and patterns can be recognised. More on this below!

The basis: The cycle calendar

The cycle calendar gives you a rough overview of your cycle. Your fertile phase and the calculated start of your next period are colour-coded. If you want to get more out of the femSense app and use the femSense sensor patch (e.g. to better narrow down your fertile days and confirm ovulation), the app also shows you the time in the calendar when you can stick on your femSense patch. The app also enters confirmed ovulation here.

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But even without patches, the app is useful: you can view past cycles or quickly check your holiday planning. femSense App for when the next periods are calculated.

Easy data entry

Don't worry, using our cycle app is anything but complicated. Simply tap on the desired day in the cycle calendar and use the plus button at the bottom right to enter the symptoms you have noticed each day. For example, you can enter the consistency of your cervical mucus today - an important fertility indicator - or whether you have a migraine. You can also enter when you did sports or how many hours of sleep you had. We have a large selection of mental and physical symptoms that you just need to tap on. There's also space for your own notes if you want to record something special. Don't worry, nobody can see this data except you!

Thinking along: The statistics

Would you like to know whether your abdominal cramps are related to your sensitive breasts? No problem! In the statistics of our Cycle app you can find out exactly that. This is particularly practical because you can then view and compare all the data you have entered over a longer period of time. You can find this function in the femSense App at the bottom of the menu bar under "Statistics". Using the slider at the top of the screen, you can choose whether you want to see an overview of your cycle history or your symptoms.

Three smartphones on which individual functions of the femSense app are displayed. femSense has a structured cycle calendar and the statistics function.

Cycle progression

The cycle history view is useful if you want to know whether your period always lasts the same length or whether the length of your cycle varies greatly. This overview is also useful for planning for the future, as you will then know how long your cycle usually lasts.


If the slider is set to "Symptoms", you will see an overview of all the symptoms you have ever entered and the cycle phase in which they occurred. As the amount of entries can quickly become confusing, we have built in the option to filter data. If you want to take a closer look at a specific symptom, simply tap on "Filter events" and you can select it using the slider. For example, if you want to see whether patterns can be recognised or whether two symptoms are related, you can set the slider to green and you will see a direct comparison of the two symptoms over the course of the cycle.

Three smartphones on which individual functions of the femSense app are displayed. In the statistics, symptoms can be viewed in comparison or individually over the course of the cycle.

Recognising individual patterns and determining fertility

Based on the symptoms you enter, you can recognise patterns that repeat themselves every cycle. Our algorithm can also help you with this, your fertility if you regularly track your symptoms. Especially if you use our patches, which recognise your ovulation based on the rise in body temperature, you can determine exactly when you are in which phase of your cycle. The patches work on the principle of the temperature method and can help you get pregnant faster or determine your fertile and infertile days.

Pretty exciting, isn't it? Why don't you start cycle tracking right away? Click on your app store in the list, download the femSense app for free and get to know your individual patterns in an uncomplicated way.

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