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Enjoy all the health benefits associated with body awareness. The femSense Cycle Tracker uses the very latest in modern technology to offer a fast, secure and straightforward way to record all the details of your menstrual cycle. It can be used independently as a period calendar or as a support for the Kinderwunsch feature

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When was my last period and when does my next cycle begin? Questions like these can be answered quickly and reliably by femSense.



You can record your mood, symptoms or ailments. This gives you a better understanding of your cycle and the influence it has on your body.



You can easily monitor and examine your own recorded data using the statistics and graphic evaluations.

femSense Ratings


from Emma H.

I´ll never be surprised by my period again. It´s so simple but this will actually change my life.

„Thank you!“

from Nicola D.

It´s basic biology, if you know exactly when you ovulate you can get pregnant quicker. And now thanks to femSense Kinderwunsch I know exactly when I ovulate.

„Love it“

from Stephanie L.

Technology for women, I love it! femSense makes "making babies" easier.

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