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5 reasons to track your cycle

Never be surprised by your period again - sounds good, right? But that's just one of the reasons why tracking your cycle isn't a crazy idea.

1. get to know your individual patterns

By tracking and logging a wide range of Cycle details you will notice connections and patterns that allow you to prepare for certain things in the future. For example, if you know that a small migraine attack always occurs two days before the start of your period, you can prepare yourself for this and pack a hot water bottle or a thermos flask of soothing herbal tea in case of an emergency.

2. never be surprised by your period again

For all those whose periods do not come every 28 days like clockwork, but who belong to those whose cycle length fluctuates up and down, the bleeding prefers to come on public holidays, as a happy surprise on the first day of the holiday, or at the most stressful, inappropriate moment in everyday life. It often brings with it a variety of moods and symptoms over which we have no control. Honestly - we only feel really well prepared with Not-o.b.'s in every single handbag, don't we?

With the femSense cycle tracker but you take the rudder into your own hands. You may not be able to swim against the current, but you can react to rapids and navigate your way safely through the shallows. Because you always know what's coming.

3. have an overview of when you are at your most fertile

There are an infinite number of misconceptions about how and when (and in which position) one can the best way to get pregnant. Only on the day of ovulation? Before? After? femSense takes away the uncertainty: If you have a romantic weekend ahead of you, nothing is easier than taking a quick look at the app to see whether you will have one of your calculated fertile days. And if you want to know for sure, you can combine the app with ovulation tests such as the femSense fertility patches. They measure the temperature rise around the time of your ovulation and can therefore recognise your ovulation very precisely and verify your fertile days.

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4. increase your body awareness

With the detailed information in the app on periods and co. you can not only plan your everyday life and holidays better, but also have a good indicator of your general state of health. Irregular periods can be due to stress, dieting or extreme physical exertion, for example, or can be a symptom of other health complications. In general, by tracking and recording various cycle details, you will notice connections and patterns that will help you to get to know yourself and your body better - keyword "body awareness".

5. understand your moods and humours

The different phases of the menstrual cycle are controlled by certain hormones. And these actually influence your body and your psyche! It's worth getting to know them better. Anxiety or short periods of depression suddenly appear in a completely different light, and mood swings, food cravings or tiredness, for example, suddenly make sense when you realise that they are PMS (premenstrual syndrome) symptoms. And not just for you, but possibly for your partner too! The female cycle not only affects the body, but also the relationship. If your partner knows where you are at the moment, this has a number of advantages - and chocolate is just one of them. Read more here: ["Cycle and relationship - why the cycle should be a partner matter"](Cycle and relationship - why the cycle should be a partner matter)

Download the femSense app here for free to learn more about yourself every day!

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