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How kinesiology can help you get pregnant

If you have an urgent desire to get pregnant, there is probably a lot that you have already tried.
You turn every little screw and try to implement every tip you come across. Pretty much everyone seems to have a piece of advice for you anyway. My personal "favourite" is that you need to relax and just let go. Oh yes. Thank you! And how do you do that? Maybe kinesiology can help you with that. 

What this blog article is not: A manual for getting pregnant.
What this blog article already is: An invitation to look inwards. How are YOU doing with your body, your identity as a woman, your desire to have children... Where are YOU in all of this and how can kinesiology help you to relax and let go?

Reduce stress

In time, in which a couple tries to get pregnant the desire to have sex is usually indirectly proportional to how long it takes to try. The longer it doesn't work, the less fun it is.
The pleasure of lovemaking is enhanced by self-optimisation and Calendar sex replaced.

Everything revolves around physical factors such as nutrition and Spermiogram or measurable data such as hormone levels and blood count. Of course, it makes sense to check your physical parameters to be sure that all the biological requirements are met. Your cycle with femSense for example, helps you to understand it so that you can make targeted use of your fertile days.

Despite everything, every piece of advice also indirectly conveys the message that you haven't done the right thing so far or that you haven't tried hard enough. It seems that everyone knows what the end result will look like, but not how to get there.
This much is certain: your path to letting go and dealing with your desire to have children in a relaxed way is something very individual. You're probably thinking "Great, now I know as much as before". But in fact, all the information is already stored in your body like signposts!

Kinesiology is the technique used to read this information and a kinesiologist is your guide who accompanies you on your journey. Together you decipher the signposts, change direction if necessary and clear obstacles out of the way.

What is

Kinesiology is a technique that uses muscle testing to test different areas of a person. To do this, both arms are gently pulled. In a balanced, relaxed state, both arms are the same length. As soon as a question triggers stress in the body, one arm appears to be shorter. This effect is an actual reaction at spinal cord level, regardless of whether you believe in it or not. Appropriately trained doctors use muscle testing in kinesiology, for example to test for food intolerances or medication.

One branch of kinesiology, psycho-kinesiology, uses the muscle test to track down and resolve obstructive beliefs, inner blockages and general psycho-energetic issues.
The great advantage of this for you as a client is that information from your system (body, psyche, soul) can also be retrieved that was stored there in your pre-verbal time - i.e. pregnancy, infancy and early childhood. This information is not available to you in dialogue-based forms of intervention because you actually "don't have the words".

When it comes to an (unfulfilled) desire to have children, there are a number of issues that can unconsciously "spark in" on a psychological level or cause you stress. Stress means a contradiction between inner truth and outer desire, and is one of the reasons why things often don't work out. Stress reduces the body's readiness for conception and implantation.
Kinesiology helps you to track down the triggers of these stressful issues, understand why they stress you out and then resolve them.

Topics that
for many women
with a desire to have children

Trust in the
own body

Suppose a woman grew up with parents who constantly criticised her body. Too fat, too thin, too fragile, too plump, ... As a child, we don't know any better and believe what our parents say. So this woman also thinks her body is too fat, too thin, too fragile, too plump... and has lost confidence in it. Her desire to have children constantly brings her into an inner contradiction. She wants to get pregnant, but at the same time her inner voice says "it won't work with my body anyway".

Be happy

Do you have your inner permission to be happy? "Of course", you're probably thinking, "who doesn't want to be happy?". But what if, for example, you have made an inner pact with yourself never to be happier than your mum or dad in order to be a "good daughter". Such fundamental beliefs are also called "inversions". They usually develop quite early and unconsciously. They exist in the major areas of happiness, success and health. To prevent them from blocking your path, it makes sense to take a look at them in kinesiology.

kinesiology - desire to have children


This refers to both born and unborn children. A baby that did not stay leaves a mark on the (birth) mother. This loss is often passed over too quickly because the longing for a born baby is so great. Only when this deceased child and the loss have been honoured and mourned is the path clear for another child.
It can be similar with another pregnancy after a traumatic birth experience. Women who experienced the birth of a child as very stressful may unconsciously shy away from another pregnancy. This prevents them from having to go through such a (birth) experience again. Kinesiology is also a valuable method for coming to terms with such experiences, making it easier to integrate what has been experienced.

Being a woman

Being pregnant and bringing a child into the world is the most feminine thing we women can (experience). What does being a woman mean to you? What does it say about you not to have children (yet)?
Questions like these are closely linked to your perception of yourself as a woman, which in turn can have an impact on your hormones. In our society, despite all the "body positivity" efforts, there is still an ideal of beauty that is orientated more towards the slender features of girls than the full curves of a woman. How do you feel about possibly having a few extra kilos after giving birth and no longer being able to conform to this ideal, at least temporarily?

kinesiology-wish for a child

Relationship and

The desire to get pregnant is often a real ordeal for couples. You may have doubts as to whether your partner is really the right one and what it means for you to have a child. Sometimes the role models of your own parents also play a part in this issue. How were relationships and parenthood modelled for you?

Other topics and questions for reflection could be
Boundaries and crossing boundaries, What image do you have of motherhood, Control and loss of control, What does a child mean for your (professional) future? What would your life be like without a child? What could this unfulfilled desire to have a child be good for? What would it mean for your relationship if you could not have children together?

These are just some of the issues that can be considered and resolved in the course of kinesiological support. You alone determine the topic, pace and depth of each kinesiology session, while your kinesiologist accompanies you, provides her method and keeps your goal in mind.

No matter where your path takes you and which destination you reach in the end, I wish you a wonderful and relaxing journey from the bottom of my heart!


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Cornelia Valentan is a kinesiologist and qualified life and social counsellor. Under the slogan "Geboren zum Glück - Das Glück der Kinder fängt bei den Eltern an" (Born to Happiness - Children's Happiness Starts with the Parents), she accompanies couples from the desire to have a child to attachment analyses, HypnoBirthing and other services through to parenting coaching.

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