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femSense measures your ovulation and tells you when your fertility is at its highest.
How does femSense work and how can we reliably calculate your ovulation?
Continuous temperature measurement

The femSense Patch measures your body temperature around the clock for up to 7 days per cycle. The app then tells you when your fertility is at its highest and subsequently confirms your ovulation.

femSense predicts your fertile
days based on your cycle data and confirms your ovulation by the rise in your body temperature.

Better together: Unser smarter Patch und unsere App

Was du über unseren smarten Patch wissen musst

Unseren High-Tech Patch trägst du an maximal 7 Tagen deines Zyklus seitlich dezent an der Brust und diskret unter deinem Arm, wo er kontinuierlich deine Körpertemperatur in festgelegten Zeitintervallen misst und aufzeichnet. Anhand des Anstiegs deiner Basaltemperatur wird der Eisprung bestätigt.

femsense app screen

Our femSense app

Our femSense app accompanies you during use, analyses the temperature data and tells you when your fertile days and ovulation are. You can track your cycle and your symptoms and easily analyse them to live according to your cycle.

Download for free from the iOP App Store or Google Play Store.

For iPhone 7 and higher or Android smartphones with NFC.

What our experts say

"femsense is a market innovation and an eye-opener in terms of monitoring natural fertility. As a fertility expert, it is my first recommendation."

Dr Alexander Just

"The femSense product is easy to use and is currently the best solution for identifying ovulation without ultrasound."

Dr Michael Schenk
Mother's Day

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