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With the femSense ovulation tracker, you can precisely determine your ovulation and know exactly when your fertile and non-fertile days are.

  • Recognises the ice jump naturally
  • Continuous temperature measurement
  • Simple and precise
  • Cycle tracking of your period and symptoms
  • Automatic evaluation with free app

This is what you get: 3 sensor patches for three cycles


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There for you, in every situation

Our smart sensor patch continuously measures your body temperature for 7 days during your cycle and can therefore accurately determine your ovulation with our femSense app (see product). So you always know exactly


  • When your fertile days are
  • When you ovulate
  • Which half of the cycle you are currently in

Together with the femSense app, we accompany you and put your cycle data in the palm of your hand. This allows you to keep track of your cycle and fertility at all times. Easily track and analyse your period, fertility and cycle symptoms.

Get pregnant

With femSense, you can reliably see when you are ovulating, so you know exactly when your fertility is at its highest to get pregnant faster.


Track cycle

Get to know your body better with our cycle tracker, track your symptoms and get an overview of your period.

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Weight81 g
Dimensions22 × 15 × 2,2 cm
Piece Patches


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Patch size

66.6 x 61.2 mm

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104 x 114 x 18mm

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