refresh your love life

Refresh your love life - 5 tips for better sex

No more sex in your partnership? Never any variety in the bedroom? To prevent this from happening, femSense gives you 5 tips if you want to freshen up your love life!

How often couples have sex is completely different and there is no right or wrong. But what should you do if you personally think it's not enough? Or feel insecure because you don't always feel like having sex, even though your partner is doing their best? Whether it's observing your cycle to know when you're at your most sensual or revitalising your love life with sex toys: femSense has the 5 best tips for you on how to bring romance back into the bedroom.

1. pleasure is at its highest around ovulation

Sex according to the calendar sounds really unsexy, but women's desire for romantic togetherness is actually linked to their menstrual cycle. In the first phase of the cycle, in which the egg matures, a lot of oestrogen is released. The hormone oestrogen ensures a good mood and a sense of well-being and therefore automatically increases the desire for sex. Women's libido peaks at the time when they can theoretically become pregnant: So a few days before ovulation and shortly after. This will definitely help if you want to revitalise your love life.

So if you know approximately when you are ovulating, you will also know when your desire for sex is at its highest. The best way to find out is to track your cycle and regularly document all symptoms. Our femSense App offers you an uncomplicated and quick entry of your cycle data, has space for your own notes, and offers statistics by allowing you to search your individual symptoms for patterns. In combination with the femSense Patches femSense becomes even more accurate - because it recognises from your body temperature whether and when you have ovulated.

2. sex toys for days with low libido when you want to refresh your love life

Maybe you're in the wrong phase of your cycle, had a stressful day or a fight with a friend. Even on days when you're less in the mood, you can still enjoy sex with your partner and revitalise your love life. You just need to know how!

In such situations Sextoys work wonders. There is now a huge selection of different toys in every conceivable shape and function. There is guaranteed to be something for everyone, regardless of whether you prefer the lay-on vibrator or find the love balls more pleasurable. Together with your partner (or alone, of course!), you can definitely awaken your libido. And to be honest: sex toys are no longer considered dirty, but are already in or on the bedside table for most of us.

refresh your love life

We'll give you a few ideas on how you can increase your desire again

3. plan data nights according to the cycle

Whether you're in a long-term relationship or with your Tinder match, all datelights have one thing in common: they work best when they are synchronised with your cycle. A cycle tracker such as the femSense App can play just as big a role in planning that one special evening as your normal diary. Not only do you have an increased libido in the first half of your cycle and around ovulation, there are even studies that show that women smell more attractive to men and appear more attractive during ovulation. So it's definitely worth taking a look at the cycle tracker, whether with your partner or on a first date.

4. get the partner on board

"We're in the doldrums in bed, nothing has happened in the bedroom for months." - If your neighbour or girlfriend tells you this, you'll probably advise her to talk to her partner about it. So why don't you do the same! Communication in a relationship is very important and you should both always know how the other is doing. This is helpful, if your partner always knows, which phase of your cycle you are currently in - it can certainly be done more subtly, but a screenshot of your cycle tracker, for example, can serve as an "opening argument". Many women don't feel like having sex just before their period and if your partner knows this, unnecessary arguments about it can be avoided.

However, a good love life also includes discussing contraception together if you don't want to have children. The pill and other hormonal contraceptives often reduce libido, which is why women who use hormonal contraception may have less desire for sex. So saving your sex life could also be the Change of contraceptive be.

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5. try out new things

Always the same position? It gets boring in the long run! If you want to freshen up your love life, it's good to keep trying new things. It doesn't matter what you use to set the mood in the bedroom. You can integrate sensual massages into foreplay, you can buy some nice underwear and surprise your partner with it. Or you can build a love nest in the bedroom. A few candles, rose petals and a sensual scent can work wonders. Add a good wine and nothing stands in the way of a romantic evening in bed. If you're not the romantic type, you can also create a fantasy world with your partner. Talk about what you want in your love life and stimulate your imagination. After all, sex is largely a matter of the mind.


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