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My moment of joy: 3 women tell us how they found out they were pregnant

Tears of joy

"One thing I've wanted in life since I was a little girl is to have my own family. So one day my husband and I decided not to take contraception quite so seriously on my fertile days. Surprisingly, a short time later I realised that I could probably save myself a trip to the chemist. Because I already had it: the feeling that something was different. In fact, I hoped that this feeling would stay. Because the older you get, the more difficult it is to get or stay pregnant, I was aware of that. I knew pretty much all the statistics on the subject. That's why I decided to observe and wait. The real moment of joy only came later - I think it was in the eighth or ninth week of pregnancy - when I was at the doctor's with my husband and our baby's heart was actually beating fresh and lively. This moment was so touching and definitely helped me to allow this feeling, which I had had for some time, to fully materialise, tears of joy included. My husband also finally had his "yay" or perhaps his own personal "yay...help" moment 😉 "

Lena Wimmer, 34

2019 11 15 yay lena

Miami Baby

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"I moved to America last August and got married in NYC the same month. My husband is American and we met 3 years ago during a semester abroad and didn't last very long in a long distance relationship as you can see ;)) actually I already knew inside that the pregnancy test would be positive but at the moment I was still surprised, overwhelmed, excited, nervous... a mix of emotions... it worked out so much faster than we expected. But we were so happy!!! We joked whether my husband should do the same test to make sure it was right. We both couldn't sit still and went for a walk on the beach (we were living in Miami Beach at the time) and I think we mentioned several times how unbelievable it was that we were really having a baby. I wanted to tell everyone straight away."

Samira Flores, 26

2019 11 15 yay samira

Storm of thoughts

The decision to have a child is already such an exciting and thought-provoking event. This is followed by a period of waiting and introspection. Am I already pregnant? I can still remember those 3-4 days when I felt so different and was sure that I was pregnant. However, we decided not to take an early pregnancy test, but to wait patiently for my period to stop or not. But it didn't materialise (at least that's what I thought) and we were disappointed. However, my "period" turned out to be a so-called implantation haemorrhage and after this false "period" was unusually over after a day and never came again, we took a pregnancy test - result: positive. This triggered a storm of feelings and thoughts in me that filled my heart and brain; I am carrying life! And the exciting adventure of pregnancy and the even more exciting adventure of parenthood began.

Anna B., 29

2019 11 15 yay anna

Your yay moment

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