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What the femSense app can do - recognise fertility and track your cycle

Are you annoyed that you don't know when your period is coming? Do you want to recognise your ovulation? Then our femSense app is just the thing for you! Here are 5 good reasons why.

Many women don't know exactly what is happening in their bodies. Yet it is not at all difficult to recognise the female cycle and recognise a woman's fertile phases!

The new further development of our app femSense is for all women who want to track their cycle in a natural way, whether they are trying to conceive or not. The new app offers everything a woman needs throughout the month. We provide the 5 best reasons why "femSense 2.0" is the perfect everyday companion for you:

1. femSense can now do more than just the desire to have children

So far, femSense has mainly helped couples who want to have children to find the right time to get pregnant - namely around the time of a woman's ovulation! We have already been able to support around 10,000 pregnancies in this way. femSense therefore knows when the highly fertile days are. And thus also automatically the days on which getting pregnant is rather unlikely!

All you have to do is apply our medically certified patch like a plaster. You connect the patch to the app on your smartphone via NFC and we do the work from there. The sensitive sensor in the patch continuously measures your body temperature, which rises when you ovulate. Once or twice a day, you transfer the data from the patch to the app by briefly holding your smartphone to the patch. The app then always shows the current fertility status - and lets you know if and when ovulation has been detected.

2. femSense tells you when you are fertile

You can rely on our app when it comes to fertility! Our algorithm calculates your cycle based on the data you enter in the app - and the patch can be used to measure ovulation and thus confirm or correct the calculation. Every day, you can conveniently view your personal fertility status in the app. So you always know how likely you are to get pregnant. While femSense Fertility Mode still shows you the four most fertile days, Cycle Tracker Mode includes a few more fertile days as a buffer in case your cycle is delayed by a few days. Please note, however, that femSense alone is not sufficient as a contraceptive!

A woman looks at the femSense app, which is labelled Low Fertility. A man can be seen waiting for her in the background

3. femSense makes it easy to monitor your cycle

"What? Your cycle lasts two weeks longer than mine!" - That's completely normal. Every woman has her own individual cycle. So that your period is no longer a surprise guest, it makes sense to track your own cycle. femSense was specially designed to make entering the data as easy as possible. It is important to us that you can enter all the data about your period and accompanying symptoms quickly and easily.

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If you regularly feed the app with your cycle data, you will soon be able to see approximately when your period is due, how long it lasts and how heavy your bleeding is. This is not only useful if you are planning a holiday, but also when you visit your gynaecologist. All you have to do is open the femSense app and you have all the information about your cycle at your fingertips.

4. femSense helps you to get to know your body better

Whether you want to have children or would rather not get pregnant - it's always good to know your body. Especially when using hormone-free contraception with the symptothermal method, it is particularly important to know about your body. femSense supports you in this. In our app, you have a large selection of cycle-relevant symptoms that you can enter. From headaches, migraines and abdominal pain to Nature of the cervical mucus you can track your cycle every day and add notes yourself. The app's statistics give you an overview of all the important data and make it much quicker and easier to recognise recurring patterns.

5. femSense already knows your cycle when you want to have children

Our algorithm is capable of learning! If you use femSense over several cycles, you will probably already recognise patterns yourself. You may know that before you get your period, your breasts feel very sensitive.

If you and your partner then decide to have a child together, you will already have a database to fall back on. You can interpret your body's signs better and our algorithm has already been fed with data that it can analyse. If you want to use our patch to recognise ovulation even better, you don't have to switch to a new app, you can simply change the mode in the app from "Cycle tracker" to "Fertility tracker" - or vice versa.

Have we convinced you? Download the improved femSense app for iOS or Android down to observe your natural cycle!

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