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»Many couples have difficulty getting pregnant when they want to. femSense helps with the correct timing and takes the pressure out of making babies.«

Barbara Meier
model | actress
femSense ambassador

femSense will detect your ovulation in three easy steps

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step 1

Download the app

Download the app and buy your patches. Register and enter the required details in the app so that it can predict your fertile days and notify you when it is time to apply the patch.

step 2

Apply the patch

The app will notify when to apply the patch. The patch will measure your temperature continuously, day and night, in order to measure and confirm ovulation.

step 3

Confirm ovulation

The app will inform you when you are most fertile and when ovulation has been detected. You will then be asked to remove the patch. The patch is usually worn for 5 to 7 days and can be read out via NFC.

One third of couples have difficulty getting pregnant.

The reason is often insufficient understanding of their own cycle and not knowing exactly when they ovulate. Conception is only possible during a very short time frame around ovulation.

A menstrual cycle graphic. The left-hand vertical scale illustrates the body temperature from 36,0℃ to 37,5℃ the lower horizontal scale illustrates the hormonal phases; longdesc="" the follicular phase, fertile days, ovulation and the luteal phase. The upper horizontal scale are the days of the menstrual cycle, 1 to 28. The graphic illustrates the rise in temperature immediately after ovulation as well as the increase and decrease of oestrogen, progesterone and LH (Luteinizing hormone) during the menstrual cycle. Day 1-11 is the follicular phase where oestrogen levels are rising, days 12 -15 are the fertile days, during this time a sharp rise in LH causes ovulation and a rise in the basal body temperature. Days 16 - 28 is the luteal phase during which time progeserone levels rise.


During ovulation the body temperature rises by a few tenths of a degree – and a woman is only fertile around the time of ovulation. If you can detect this rise in temperature you can identify ovulation at the same time.

The femSense System

femSense uses the most natural methods, trusted by generations of women, to help women identify the optimal time to get pregnant. It is made up of two parts: a temperature-sensitive sensor embedded in an adhesive skin patch, and the supporting app.
A Photo of Sarah, a femSense user.

„femSense can help“

One cycle with femSense and I got pregnant. the system was really super easy and a bit exciting.

Stefanie, 27
femSense Success Story

A photo of Dr. Michael Schenk, Medical Specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics. Expert in Clinical Embryology.


I recommend the discreet sensor patch to all my patients. The continuous temperature measurement possible with the patch is truly revolutionary.

Dr. Schenk, MAS
Medical Specialist in Gynaecology and Obstetrics.
Expert in Clinical Embryology.

A photo of Idia O, a femSense user.

„A Gift“

Wear the patch for a few days during my cycle, get a read out on my phone and pinpoint my fertile days. so easy!

Idia O.
femSense Ovulation User

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