»Many couples have difficulty getting pregnant when they want to. femSense helps with the correct timing and takes the pressure out of making babies.«

Barbara Meier
model | actress
femSense ambassador

femSense Ovulation Test

femSense accurately detects your ovulation in just a few easy steps. Apply the sensor patch at the beginning of your fertile days, so that it can continuously measure your temperature. You don’t have to measure – the femSense patch will.

Read the patch once a day, the data transfer only takes seconds. The femSense app will tell you exactly when you are most fertile and, in this way, can double your chances of getting pregnant quickly.

»I spent six months unsuccessfully trying to get pregnant, then I discovered femSense and after only three cycles it finally happened. Now I am 12 weeks pregnant and delighted!«

Julia M.

What makes femSense special

High precision sensors

Exact temperature measurements without any effort: The wafer-thin temperature sensor measures reliably, without you even noticing. The app is over 93% accurate in ovulation detection.

Continuous Measurement

Body temperature rises by approximately 0.2°C during ovulation. The femSense patch continuously measures in order to identify this minute rise in temperature and the app informs you when you are most fertile.

Medically Certified

femSense is a certified medical device with a CE mark. We regularly conduct clinical studies to make the system even more user-friendly and accurate.

A blonde woman holds her baby lovingly head to head.

NFC Technology

The femSense patch is read using NFC, best known for its use in tap-and-pay contactless payment, it has no radiation emissions, is safe from third party interference and is available on almost every smartphone.100% Data Security – No Side Effects

Comfortable and Easy to Use

femSense technology means that the patch only has to be worn for an average of 5 days a month. The app gives clear instructions and results. The patch can be read in seconds and at any time of the day.


Every woman is an individual. Because femSense is continuously measuring your temperature it works reliably, no matter what your everyday life looks like. Whether you have irregular sleeping patterns, shift work or physical activity - femSense adapts to your lifestyle.

femSense Ovulation Test

setz 1: get the femSense App for Android and Apple devices


Download the app

step 2: using our three finger method to attach the patch


Apply the patch

step 3: read out the patch and the app will inform you about your fertile days


Confirm ovulation

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App for iPhone 7 and higher
NFC Compatible Android Smartphones