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A woman's chances increase the older she gets.

This is exactly where we at femSense come into play with our smart ovulation tracker.
We can easily help you double your chances of getting pregnant. 😍

Our sensor patches offer you:

*In some cases it can take up to 6 months, so don't stress!

More than 23,496 women have already become pregnant faster and you can now fulfil this dream too!

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How does femSense work and how can we reliably calculate your ovulation?

Continuous temperature measurement

The femSense Patch measures your body temperature on the side of your breast around the clock for up to 7 days per cycle. You can do everything and don't have to worry about anything. The app will tell you when your fertility is at its peak and confirm your ovulation.

The rise in body temperature from around 0.2°C to 0.5°C is a direct result of ovulation and a sure sign that your ovulation has taken place. 

The algorithm of the femSense App predicts your fertile days based on your cycle data.

Our Smart sensor patch then confirms your body temperature based on the rise in your body temperature. individual Ovulation

Better together: Our smart patch and our app for your baby happiness

femsense app screen
femsense app screen

Our femSense app

Our femSense app accompanies you during the application, analyses the temperature data and tells you when your fertile days and ovulation are. The app takes care of everything so that you can relax and concentrate on the most important things. concentrate can.

Free of charge in the iOS App Store or Google Play Store.

For iPhone 7 and higher or Android smartphones with NFC.

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Why you should use our technology
can trust

Our sensor patch is a Authorised medical devicewhich is accompanied by a large number of requirements and specifications. With us, you get a thoroughly tested and researched product that you can rely on.

The product was Developed jointly by biomedical scientists and fertility experts and is recommended by gynaecologists.

"femsense is a market innovation and an eye-opener in terms of monitoring natural fertility. As a fertility expert, it is my first recommendation."

Dr Alexander Just

"The femSense product is easy to use and is currently the best solution for identifying ovulation without ultrasound."

Dr Michael Schenk


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